A Omaha Criminal Lawyer Discusses On-Line And Computer-Based Crimes

omaha criminal lawyer teenager under arrestAn experienced Omaha criminal lawyer examines crimes in cyberspace in the paragraphs below.

Computers and Criminal Acts

Cyber crime includes any type of crime committed over the Internet or by use of computers.

Types Of Cyber Crimes

Computer crimes tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Hacking. This can include personally taking over someone’s computer workstation, illegally accessing their system via the Internet, or planting a malicious program to disrupt their system or overcome their security protocols.
  • Computer fraud. This includes online swindles, scams or other means of tricking someone else out of their money or property.
  • Theft of information or identity theft. This is accessing someone’s computer system to gain their financial information, passwords, or other identification information without authorization in order to destroy the data, steal from them or commit some other unlawful act.
  • Exploitation of children. This includes using computers to transmit, create or store pornographic pictures of children or to expose children to such images. This includes enticing children via the Internet or social media for illicit or sexually exploitative purposes.
  • Cyber-stalking, humiliation and intimidation or threats. This is the use of computers, the Internet or social media to terrorize, psychologically harm, stalk or bully other people. Since this crime has become widespread among minors, state laws have been enacted that makes this behavior a criminal act.

Possible Consequences

Someone convicted of cyber crime may face fines ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, jail sentences that in felony situations can last for decades, or probation. The severity of the penalty varies with the severity of the offense.

A Wrongful Accusation

Just the accusation of cyber crime can ruin your reputation, jeopardize your job and have many other unforeseen repercussions. In such a situation, your first priority should be to engage a Omaha criminal defense attorney so that you can address the matter properly and protect your rights.

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