Your Omaha Criminal Defense Attorney Gives an Overview of Discovery

As a critical aspect of your criminal case, your Omaha criminal defense attorney will work within the legal parameters of discovery in order to plan an effective defense strategy. While your attorney might not be entitled to discovery prior to a preliminary hearing, he or she might be able to obtain copies of witness statements in the case along with evidence that could cast doubt on your guilt.

Preliminary Hearings

A potential witness might be motivated by the fact that he or she can avoid a court appearance if they provide subpoenaed records in the case prior to the preliminary hearing. In particular, business records lend themselves to this approach. Based on this information, your attorney can then start to investigate, speak to witnesses and negotiate a plea bargain.

The Scene of the Alleged Crime

Your lawyer will likely visit the alleged crime scene in order to have a better understanding of what happened during the offense. In some cases, the physical limitations show that a crime could not have been committed as charged by opposing counsel. In other situations, a witness might not have been able to see the actions of the defendant.

The Testimony of Defense Witnesses

The testimony of a defense witness can help your lawyer focus on the evidence and refine the direction of the hearing. A defense witness might make concessions that help you and can add credibility to your testimony, further enabling your lawyer to draft a plausible theory in the case.

Learn More from an Omaha Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Omaha criminal defense lawyer will review possible options related to discovery with you.