Omaha Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Bail Procedures

omaha criminal defense attorney posts bailWhen you have been arrested, you may be released on certain conditions set by the court, which is called bail. Often this entails a collateral as well as restriction to your liberties. There are certain facts you should keep in mind when you are posting bail, and an Omaha criminal defense attorney can guide you through them.

What is Stationhouse Bail?

In some areas, an arresting officer may set a very small bail for a minor offense, and will release you from the stationhouse, but this is not a guaranteed right. Usually, bail is set by the court rather than the stationhouse.

Bail Bond Companies

Your Omaha criminal defense attorney might look into the option of working with a bail bond agency to post cash for your bail. These companies know the system and can usually get you out pretty quickly, but there are risks to using this method. If you use your own money to post bail, it will be refunded when the case is over, while a bonding agency will charge a substantial fee for their services – a fee that is not refundable. Another risk of using a bond agency is that they often employ bounty hunters who can track you down if you don’t appear in court. In this situation, the common law allows an agency to arrest you without process and return you to the jurisdiction. Bounty hunters are not professionally trained and aren’t subject to police regulations, so there is the risk of harm to you.

Questions? Talk to an Omaha Criminal Attorney

When you have questions about your rights regarding posting bail, your Omaha criminal defense attorney will be able to guide you. You can reach a lawyer by filling the form on the website.