Fallacies about Domestic Violence

An Omaha domestic violence attorney refutes some of the myths that surround domestic violence.

Poverty and Race

Perpetrators and victims can be of any age, gender identification, creed, color, nationality, religious affiliation or family type.

They Had It Coming

This is one of the foulest of excuses – the attempt on the part of the abuser to shift the blame on to the victim. Nobody made the abuser do it. He or she chose to act abusively. Violence against another person, whether familial or not, is illegal. It is wrong by every definition.

Violence in the Home Is Caused by Substance Abuse, Stress or Psychological Issues

These things may contribute to violence within families, but they are not its origin. They are, however, often cited as mitigating factors for this behavior. Usually, the abuser has acquired this behavior and has made the conscious decision to use it. It is only in very rare cases that violence in the home is triggered by or a symptom of psychological illness. Such illness is, however, frequently quoted as an attempt at exoneration.

There Is Hope

You have the chance to get out and reclaim your life, as many victims have. Call now to schedule a consultation with a lawyer who cares and is available to help you find freedom and relief from your abusive living situations. Act now and begin living an empowering life with your loved ones.