Documentation Your Lawyer Will Gather for Your DUI Case

Every DUI case has its particularities, but there are certain types of information that are common to most. This blog addresses the types of information your Omaha juvenile lawyer is most likely to need in order to build your defense.

Getting the Facts

There are two primary methods of gathering information for your DUI case. Your attorney may use a combination of investigative techniques and formal discovery methods, or he may rely on one as opposed to the other. Since formal discovery brings your case to the forefront of the opposing counsel’s mind, investigation is often the preferred means of acquisition.

If Breath-testing Was Used

Your DUI attorney will need at least some, if not all, of the following:
• Complete records or certifications showing the licensing of the lab.
• Any manuals or handbooks concerning the machine.
• Maintenance, titration and calibration records, accuracy records covering the eight weeks prior to eight weeks subsequent to the defendant’s test.
• Confirmation of the officer’s experience and expertise with the machine and a roster of individuals who have been recently tested. If the officer was a recent transfer from a different department, he or she may not be as familiar with the machine as could be desired.
• A detailed description of how the breath tests were conducted and analyzed.

If You Are Involved in a DUI Case

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