Your Defense Attorney and Your Police Investigation

If you are the subject of a police investigation, you will need the assistance of an Omaha criminal attorney to help you navigate the process and make sure you are not exploited by the system or that untimely delays are caused. The investigation process can be daunting and intimidating, but a lawyer with experience in dealing with the police will help ease the process for you.

Bail Interview

During your interview for bail, an Omaha criminal lawyer will guide you to be truthful when you answer questions. However, certain questions may cause further incrimination against you:

  • If your true name reveals fraudulent identification documents;
  • If your true name reveals that your immigration status is unlawful and/or criminal;
  • If your place of work implicates you in criminal activity; or
  • If you do not have enough legal income to afford an attorney, then it will appear suspicious that the money from your defense may come from illegal sources.

Your Attorney’s Role

Avoiding answering questions will most likely guarantee you will not be released on bail, so consult your attorney on which questions may prove problematic. Your attorney will make sure that no questions of an interrogatory nature occur at this time and that you do not consent to search requests. Your attorney’s job during this process includes the following:

  • Make sure the investigation is less intrusive to you;
  • Make sure the investigation is less likely to find incriminating evidence;
  • To witness, deter and report any police abuse; and
  • Make sure you do not incriminate yourself.

Avoid Self-Incriminating Statements

Self-incrimination happens by blurting out evidence or attempting to destroy or falsify evidence. One way this occurs is when you are asked to give a handwriting sample. You might try to disguise your handwriting or comment on why you are being asked to write certain words. Doing either of these things can be used against you as evidence.

Speaking with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

For more information on how a qualified defense attorney can help you through the police investigation, contact a lawyer today.