Other Violent Crimes

omaha criminal defense attorneyAmong the thousands of individuals We have helped, among include  four parties charged with  first degree murder cases and about a dozen vehicle homicide cases.  The death penalty was sought in 3 of the 4 murder cases and as a result of zealous effective criminal representation, NONE of the clients were sentenced to death and one of the cases resulted in dismissal of all charges at the close of the prosecution case and the client was released from jail.  Not of the case where the State sought to kill our clients was ever allowed on our watch.  Handling of vehicle homicide cases has also resulted in clients being entirely cleared of all charges or receiving probation in matters that were at best very difficult to defend against.   From the  minimum and maximum jail/prison sentences, mandatory bond conditions and amounts,  to whether the sentence for individual charges has to be served concurrently or if the allegation carries a requirement of consecutive sentences are all factors a qualified Omaha criminal defense attorney can advise of you of and help you to defend against.

These cases are among the most expensive to defend and in order to receive effective representation you it will cost.  If you believe your freedom is worth money you can make back by avoiding long prison sentencing then give us a call.

You can  talk with a lawyer and receive a free, friendly consultation to discuss your matter.  We offer this service to help you, your needs and help with any questions or legal problems.  Just contact now to speak with us and allow us to serve you.


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