Our Omaha Criminal Defense Attorney Lists the 5 Defenses to Domestic Violence

Justice system Omaha Criminal Defense AttorneyDomestic violence is a serious crime. If you have been wrongly charged with a domestic violence charge, contact your Omaha criminal defense attorney immediately. Not everyone who has been charged with domestic violence is guilty of the crime, and your Omaha criminal defense attorney knows that. If you feel that you have been falsely charged, there are five steps that you can take in your defense:

  1. False allegations. Sometimes a domestic violence claim can be made by the victim out of spite or revenge towards you. This can happen when the two parties are going through another domestic issue. Your attorney will look for witnesses along with inconsistencies in the accuser’s story.
  2. No proof. The prosecutor in the case must find the burden of proof to convict the defendant. If there is no proof, then there is no case.
  3. Wrong suspect. If you are innocent, then there will be ways to prove it. There may be evidence showing otherwise or a witnesses who can place you somewhere else during the alleged incident. Having an alibi that can be considered as reliable will help prove that you were not the aggressor.
  4. Consent between parties. While it is rare that an act of violence was done under consent, it can still happen. If both parties consented to the act, it cannot be considered domestic violence.
  5. Self-defense. Many defendants claim that what was done was in self-defense. Your attorney will need to prove that you were not the aggressor, and that you were under an imminent threat from the other person.

The criminal justice system is in place to protect the rights of both parties involved in an incident, including a domestic violence dispute. If you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, your criminal defense attorney will do whatever they can in their power to prove that you are not guilty of the crime that you have been accused of. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney should be your first defense.

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