Common Arrest Procedures and How an Omaha Criminal Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of the circumstances, being arrested is a traumatic and stressful experience. If you have been arrested, you already know what a difference it makes to have a skilled Omaha criminal attorney by your side.

How Arrests Work

An arrest typically unfolds as follows:

  • You are placed under arrest;
  • A complaint or other charging document is filed by the arresting officer or prosecutor; and
  • You make an initial appearance before a judge, magistrate or other member of the judiciary.

Most people are arrested without warning, and they typically haven’t already retained criminal defense attorneys. There are exceptions, including those who are arrested following lengthy investigations, which typically involve vehicular homicides or white collar crimes. In such instances, a defendant may have already hired an Omaha criminal lawyer.

Although arrest procedures vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, they typically follow the same basic process. After being arrested, the defendant is taken to a station house, precinct or holding facility for “booking.”


Booking involves formally recording an arrest and identifying the defendant. When you are booked, you can expect to be fingerprinted, photographed and asked a series of questions. These pedigree questions are used to gather information regarding your employment, place of residence, immigration status, nationality, health and associates. While this is happening, the prosecutor or arresting officer prepares the charging documents.

Next Steps

Once booking is complete, you will be taken to the courthouse. A bail agency may then confer with you to determine if you have the community ties and other characteristics that are needed to be released until your trial. In the case of a minor offense, however, the police may issue a citation or summons to appear at their discretion. You will be permitted to leave until you are ordered to appear in court to face the charges.

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