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Omaha Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Getting Out on Bail

03 July 2015

One of the main goals of your Omaha criminal defense lawyer is to have bail set for your case so that you can post bond and get out of jail. While this means that you will not have to remain in jail until the time of your trial, it also means that your attorney can […]

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Our Omaha Criminal Lawyer on Who You Can Talk to

26 June 2015

An Omaha criminal lawyer can explain the importance of not making any incriminating statements. While this standard most applies to police interrogations, there are other instances in which you should exercise your right to remain silent. Reasons to Remain Silent While you may trust the people in your life, your communications with them may not […]

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Our Lincoln Criminal Lawyer Discusses Criminal Proceedings

12 June 2015

Before you ever attend a court hearing, your Lincoln criminal lawyer may discuss criminal proceedings and how they work. Here is a brief overview of the process. First Appearance Shortly after you are arrested, you will attend a brief hearing in court. During this proceeding, you will be informed of the charges against you and […]

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Our Omaha Criminal Lawyer Discusses Bail Agency Evaluations

08 June 2015

When you are arrested and charged with a crime, you may have the opportunity to be released from custody on the condition that you pay bail money to the court or bail agency. If you were arrested in a jurisdiction that uses a bail agency, an independent division of the courts or other entity will […]

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Our Bellevue Criminal Attorney Discusses “Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

28 May 2015

In the criminal justice system in the United States, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution must prove this “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The prosecution must firmly convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt.   Contact a Bellevue¬†Criminal Attorney For more help understanding the legal terms in your case, contact a Bellevue¬†criminal […]

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