Omaha Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Getting Out on Bail

OOmaha Criminal Defense Lawyer gavel and bookne of the main goals of your Omaha criminal defense lawyer is to have bail set for your case so that you can post bond and get out of jail. While this means that you will not have to remain in jail until the time of your trial, it also means that your attorney can work with you better to defend your case.

Why Making Bail Is So Important

There are several reasons that your Omaha criminal defense lawyer will push for you to be released on bail. Some of these reasons will include:

  • Long periods of incarceration often lead to prosecutors avoiding a plea bargain. This is because the plea amount may equal to the time already served, making it appear that no punishment has been given.
  • Excessive amounts of time will be used by your attorney to travel to and from the jail and then wait at the jail until you are brought to the conference room. These are billable hours not being used for your defense.
  • Most conference rooms in the jail are not private. You will be placed within hearing distance of other inmates and lawyers. Overheard information can later be used against you by people in jail looking to get a deal by telling something they overheard another inmate say.
  • You will not have the ability to review physical or video evidence against you.
  • You will not have the ability to contact your attorney at any time necessary.
  • You will not be free to work with your attorney as well as you could if you were free to prepare a defense.

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